Balance in Artmaking

November 3, 2017

I wrote the following to accompany artwork submitted for an exhibit. In many ways it describes my attempt at expressing a state of balance both visually and emotionally through painting. I thought I’d share:

For some, life is burdened with finding a balance of extremes. It is a challenging, often times, upsetting compromise of choices. Living between extremes becomes comfortable and ordinary, an accepted normalcy. Dealing with extremes can often result in irrational acts. We may choose to engage and provocate, looking for satisfaction in moments of disruptive confrontation. Conversely, these acts can manifest as pushback, concealment, and a numb detachment. Above all, there is the constant search for the excitement felt when life in extremes reaches ever increasing levels of false euphoria.

Finding balance through tempered behavior and reasoned thought is a dissatisfying compromise. Resistance builds against accepting rationality, as it feels uncomfortable, and, in many ways, a loss. But, there comes a time when the back and forth of life in extremes continually leads to exhaustion, and any temporary pleasures gained quickly lose their satisfaction. It is at this point that a genuine peace and appreciation is discovered by living in balance. It becomes a new normal, a proper equilibrium, and an appropriate path that guides us as we continue onward.

Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art

May 5, 2017

Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Some more exciting news on the art front. This week I’ve begun showing at Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, my first foray into the world of galley representation. Director John Addison was generous enough to stop by for a studio visit, and as things sometimes go, selected 10 works to exhibit. After so many years of intense study and studio development the recognition feels great. Thanks John for the opportunity and faith in my work. Please stop by the gallery if you happen to be in the area.

Palimpsest Exhibit Catalogue

April 9, 2017

Palimpsest Exhibit Catalogue Photo

First, a big thanks to everyone who attended my opening. I’ll forever be grateful for all the support, kind words, and well wishes. Some of you have inquired about the exhibit catalogue. Below is a link to a PDF file if you’d like to download a digital copy. For those looking to obtain a printed book, I’ve also included a link to Blurb where it can be purchased. Finally, stay tuned for some exciting gallery news.


March 17, 2017

Palimpsest Exhibit Install Photo

Three years sure can go by fast, and now I’m only weeks away from fulfilling a goal set many years ago. On April 4 I will give a talk defending my thesis, and on April 7 will hold an opening reception for the thesis exhibit. If all goes well, come May I will graduate with an MFA degree. Below is information pertaining to the talk and show. And, as soon as it’s published, I will include a link to the exhibit catalogue. I hope to see everyone at the event.

  • Exhibit: April 3–April 21
  • Opening Reception: April 7, 6:00pm–8:30pm
  • Artist Talk: April 4, 3:00pm
  • University of New Mexico CFA Downtown Studio
  • 113 4th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
  • Gallery hours: by appointment
  • UNM CFA Downtown Studio Webpage

Logo Design Primer

May 29, 2014

Logo Design Primer Blog Image

As a followup to my digital graphics primer I’ve written a second, this one about logo design. The content drawn from my experience as a graphic designer and, more recently, as an instructor. These primers are designed to be short, direct, and informative, acting as concise overviews. The content is not new, there are plenty of books, blogs, and other resources on these topics. My goal in writing these is to disseminate information into a format that can be quickly read and easily absorbed by anyone at any experience level. They are by no means comprehensive manuals, rather they are references that serve as a foundation for further investigation.

With this new primer, it is my hope that readers will gain an understanding of basic principles and concepts of logo design. As fun and fulfilling as they can be daunting, logos play an important roll in how we identify, relate to, and absorb information. Information summed up in, at most, a graphic and a few words.

Digital Graphics Primer

January 10, 2014

Digital Graphics Primer Blog Image

As a graphic designer, one of the hardest things for me to convey to clients is the importance of getting ahold of assets in their correct file format. Vector, raster, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, PNG ... what does it all mean? Seriously, I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass. I do this not just for my sake, everyone should maintain a good library of their digital assets. And, I thinks it’s the designers job to provide all appropriate file types upfront. Personally, I provide a logo design in all the commonly requested formats upon job completion. One, it’s just good practice. Two, I receive a lot less calls requesting art. I hate lots of needless phone calls.

Truth be told, there is a lot to remember, the alphabet soup of acronyms and initialisms seems second only to the military. So to clear things up I’ve created a digital graphics primer. If you’re interested in a basic overview of digital graphic file types, or would like something to reference from time to time, click the link below to download the file. And, happy geeky reading.

My First Published Anything

January 10, 2013

Logopond book cover Logopond book page spread with logo

Any designer would love to see something they’ve created published. Well, I finally received my chance. For a while I used a website named Logopond. It acts as an inspirational and peer feedback site for designers. Whether your working on a client project or just hashing out something conceptual, it’s a great place to show your work and get constructive criticism. Users have the ability to vote on logos they like, if your logo gets enough votes it becomes a showcase design.

That was the case with one of my logos. It was designed for a personal chef with a very unique service. The business is called “Old Stove Gourmet”. It was well received for it’s unique illustrative styling and whimsical feel. My account is no longer active but a link still exists to the selected design.

Logopond published their first logo inspiration book, a collection of logos that have been showcased on their site. I just received my copy and am sharing a few images. Thanks Dana for the design opportunity, and thanks to everyone out there in Logopondland for your appreciation.