Artist Statement

When first observing my art, viewers are confronted with a simple aesthetic; direct and uncomplicated, composed of understated colors, lines, and geometry. These outward characteristics recall reductive geometric Modernist paintings, direct and formal in appearance. However, upon closer inspection, surface qualities challenge this initial response and elicit questions of materiality, textural subtleties, and a patina that displays characteristics of sculpture and collage.

This balance of directness and intricacy forms an explorative dialogue, one in which a viewer is engaged by the whole of the work, then is drawn in through discovery. Employing abstracted references, my work shapes questions of time, place, and object. It is not a direct narrative, rather, one that speaks beyond immediate concerns. Because I prefer a quieter engagement, it allows viewers to acquaint themselves through visual cues of intimate qualities that form questions of curiosity.

The visceral response of the viewer echoes emotive reactions that I experience when defining inspiration. My art is a reflection of the built environment and a nostalgic reference to landscapes; not in a pictorial sense, but rather in a recontextualized memory of places that I have inhabited. Within my work I balance formal concerns while seeking out the sublime in the ordinary, objects overlooked, too mundane to be of importance. Through these observations I discover aesthetic values that are reflected in the content of my work. I invite viewers to appreciate compositions that engage in deeper inquiry and contemplation through personal discourse.