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  • Palimpsest, 2017

Artist Statement: Current Works

My work occupies a space between studio making and commercial practice. Employing a designer’s vocabulary, I seek a means of expression that expands the definitions of both. With the use of elements such as glyphs, icons, symbols, and graphic forms, I react to influences of visual communication. This imagery occupies active, visceral spaces that incorporate abstracted marks and unintended discovery. The resulting compositions acknowledge art making as an experiential and reactionary act as much as it is deliberate.

What I create is an intrinsic response that echoes both measured actions as well as emotive reactions. I trust intuition and depend on process, I embrace the present while reflecting on nostalgia, and I search for the unexpected in the ordinary. Within these relationships exists a contemplative space for inspiration. A space that allows for recognition of the systematic form of design and a desire for creative voice.View Works

Artist Statement: Earlier Works

When first observing my art, viewers are confronted with an aesthetic that is honest and uncomplicated, composed of understated color, line, gesture, and geometry. These outward characteristics recall geometric modernist paintings, direct and formal in appearance. However, upon closer inspection, layered surface qualities challenge this initial response and elicit questions of materiality, textural subtleties, and a patina that displays visible traces of development. This balance of directness and intricacy forms an explorative dialogue, one in which the viewer is engaged by the whole of the work, then is drawn in through discovery.

Employing abstracted references, my art shapes questions of time, place, and object. It is a visceral response that echoes emotive reactions that I experience when defining inspiration. It is a reflection of artifacts in the built environment and a nostalgic reference to landscapes; not in a pictorial sense, but rather in a recontextualized memory of places that I have inhabited. Within my work I balance formal concerns while seeking out the sublime in the ordinary, in objects and spaces overlooked, too mundane to be of importance.View Works


I am an educator, graphic designer, and artist living in southwest New Mexico. With over thirty years of graphic design experience, and ten as an educator, I serve as Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Western New Mexico University.

Originally from Chicago, I received a bachelor’s degree from Lewis University concentrating in both fine art and graphic design. After graduation I began a career as a designer, founding my own company five years later, serving clients from diverse industries nationwide.

Throughout this time, I maintained a studio practice, exhibiting in both group and solo exhibitions. With a passion for education, I also began teaching at The University of New Mexico, serving as adjunct professor and continuing education instructor, teaching a variety of fine art, graphic design, and technical courses.

I returned to school to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree from UNM with a focus in painting and drawing. Upon graduation, I helped found UNM Art’s graphic design concentration while serving as Professor of Practice. I continue to educate the next generation of creative thinkers at WNMU, where I have developed the Department of Expressive Arts’ graphic design program.

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